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About Resin


We get lots of questions and comments about our resin products from prospective customers so we thought what better than a page with all the answers to the most popular questions.


Our products that encase hair, fur, ashes are made from resin, this is a type of plastic which after a chemical reaction sets hard to produce your peice of jewellery or keepsake.

They are not made from glass so made completely differently from those products on the market.


Resin sets at extremely high temperatures, so it can set some bubbles, we think that adds to the pieces uniqueness and many customers agree. Resin can have small blemishes again this is just the nature of the product , if you feel this type of product is not for you then there are other options such as sterling silver, glass, braided items which might suit.


Resin will move things around, we can add glitter, confetti, flowers etc but we cannot control fully where their final place will be, this creates excitement here at FTTJ because its always a wonder when taking a product out of its mould for the first time.


Again this makes each piece different, no 2 will ever be the same.


Resin is quite hardy, but its advisable not to wear it in the sea, swimming baths or very hot saunas or steam rooms or very hot showers.


If you look after your jewellery, it will reward you with years of wear.


For further information see our terms and conditions page.

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