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Cutting and preparing your horse hair, fur or ashes

Cutting horses’ hair is straight forward, painless and undetectable.

1) All horse hair must come from the tail (unless otherwise stated) and washed before sending.

2) Go to the bottom of your horses dock (tail bone) and then to the back

3) comb through the hair again

4) take cuttings close to the bone from several places with scissors and  be careful not to pull the hair

5)Take a pencils width or more (if unsure more is always better)

6) Once you have gathered your hair secure the top end with a rubber or plaiting band.

Washing Hair

** Please ensure that the hair is washed thoroughly before sending unless paying for the wash service **

You can wash your horses tail first before cutting if warm enough or possible and brush through thoroughly

If washing afterwards

Rinse hair to rid of surface dirt and bits and wash twice in a mild shampoo with a final rinse and lay on a towel or paper towel to dry. Do not use conditioner and make sure the hair is thoroughly dry before posting. Place dry hair in a bag with your completed order form.

Do not plait or coil your horse hair tightly.

Sending your hair

When posting your hair please put it inside a plastic bag or similar inside the envelope, also attach your name, postage address , sizing and any special orders and order form if you can print.

If you are sending hair of sentimental importance that cannot be replaced I advise posting special delivery or recorded traceable.


If your horse has passed over rainbow  bridge please contact me with the width and length of the hair you have, and I will be able to tell you which products can be made

Hair Lengths

Plain Braid  should be at least 15″ long, and the width of a pencil.

Country or Heritage Braid should be ideally 18″ long and 1 ½ times a pencil thickness.

On necklaces where hair is used as a chain, the hair should be 25″ (or longer) and as thick as 2 pencils.

For resin products any amount can be used.  For a loop of hair I need hair which is as thick as a pencil and at least 5″ in length.

Paperweights - 5" or longer mane or tail hair ( for greys mane works better)  Ashes 3-4 teaspoons.

For pet fur cuttings any amount of hair can be used

Other cremation ashes items– 1 teaspoon per item


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