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When the time comes

Its never easy deciding on a way to remember a loved pet when the time comes. When FTTJ started there were very few products available and we filled a market that was really in need. There were lots of memorial items for loved humans but not much for our pets, which lets face it are a family member too. Lots of vets now will ask you if you want to keep some hair/fur at the time which helps because although you might not be thinking about it right then, you will at least be able to consider what you'd like to do at a later date. Very rarely do I get customers saying they wished they'd thought about it at the time now although there are products that dont use hair or ashes available if needed.

With so many different ways to celebrate the life you shared with your pet or horse it can sometimes be a little overwhelming to decide on a product so I try to keep a mix of ideas available but with the option of bespoke design and your ideas are always welcome.

Jewellery is the most popular item with keepsakes being an ideal gift as these can be displayed in a favourite room or place.

When you have decided on an way to remember your pet or horse then ordering is easily done through the website or by dropping an email with your choices. Having a product made can be a positive act even in times of grief having part of them with you can recall memories and focus on healing and also have a physical reminder of your family member.

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