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A resin heart plaque containing ,hair fur or ashes from your pet or loved one. Colour of choice or plain.
Plaque measures 4" x 3.5" Text can be added, You can have your heart with added easel or ribbon tied  in gold, silver, pink, purple, blue, green, turquoise, red.
You may add  glitter or gold or silver leaf please add this option on your order form.
For flowers please advise a colour scheme.


3 teaspoons of ashes

4-5 inches of hair mane or tail

3-4 pinches fur any length

Please note the hair fur or ashes will be laid out in the best way to create a suitable design, all resin items will look different, the products you see are examples using other customers personal hair, fur or ashes so yours may not look exactly the same. Hair type, coarsness, the way resin moves when setting affect how your finished design  will look.

Heart Plaque/Hanging Heart from

£28.99 Regular Price
£24.99Sale Price
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