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Sterling silver core charm bead with internal size of approximately 5mm to fit most euro design bracelets. Fur, hair or ashes and choice of clear or with glitter. Darker hair can have a coloured resin. Please note these are all personalised items, please see terms and conditions for details. Please also note forget me nots may break when put in with hair or ashes.

Ashes required : 1/2 teaspoon
Hair required: Mane or tail 2 inches or more
Fur required: as long as possible 1-2 cm wide.

Dimensions 16mmx8mm approx.


Please choose the 2for if ordering the bead offer then pop down your colour choices on the order form which is provided after checkout. 

White mane is advised as tail may not show well in this product
The beads use glue on sterling silver end caps so please fit your beads carefully to your bracelets and make sure the bracelet is the correct size.

Sterling silver capped bead (2for42)

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