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Some answers to the most frequently asked questions


Can I use more than one horses tail?
Yes, you can have as many different horses tail, pet fur or ashes in any product, mixed colours will create a unique pattern too.



Can you make anything using pet fur?


Most resin items can be made with pet fur, some fur is too short to tie so in this instance hair will be scattered in rather than looped or knotted.


What colour hair can I use?

Generally all hair colours are fine, there is an exception with white/grey it really is better for the non back resin hearts etc rather than sterling silver.

Some while pet fur will show up with a coloured background, but please do bear this in mind when you look at products

Please note items cannot be refund if white hair should go transparent or lighter than expected. It is explained full on the website regarding this colour so please  be sure before ordering.


How long will my order take?

Mostly up to 4 weeks, the more hand made an item the longer it will take. If you do need it for a specific date I will try my best for you, but at busy times like Christmas it is better to place your order as early as possible.

Do I have to have my own horse?

Not always, I do have a small supply of non client hair available for those who would like a bracelet but do not have their own horse. As long as you are not too worried about the colour choice. Please make sure you note that you do not have your own horse when ordering.


Its all the fur / hair I have left.


Please do not send all the fur/hair you have. Items can go missing in the post etc and its best for you to hold onto at least some. If I need more I can always contact you later but more often than not customers send too much anyway.



I have changed my mind on my order, can I get a refund?


Personlised items by their very nature are non refundable.  However  if your item hasnt been started or products specifically bought in it is likely that your order will be refunded if you contact us within the usual 14 day period from order placement. If not at our discretion we may offer to refund part of the order or supply a credit note to the amount paid minus the product supplies cost.


For further information please see our terms and conditions regarding returns and faults.




Can I order a glass item  ?


Resin is a form of plastic, it is not glass so please bear in mind when ordering, you will receive an item which although much harder than the typical plastics you might be thinking of, still has some of its properties. Our products are very well received and regarded when made with resin.


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