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Thank you very much

Your order has been received


Thank you for ordering from 'From the Tail Jewellery'.  Please see the details below for all the things you need to know about sending in your order.

Do make sure you enclose the downloadable order form or write the details out if you cannot print it. Please do not email personalisation choices. Due to the volume of emails received these details must come in with your hair, fur, feather or ashes.

Please note all orders placed after 20th November 2022 will be processed as quickly as possible, however they may not be completed until January 2023. 

Sending Hair overview

 1.  Prepare the hair using instructions below

 2.  Put the hair inside a bag for protection, and then put the bag in a padded bag or envelope, please make sure your name and email that you paid with is in with the hair.

3.  Fill in the form below with your order details OR the paper order form here
4. Write a note to go in with your hair/ashes/fur including ; NAME , ORDER NUMBER & EMAIL ADDRESS ORDERED WITH. If filling in the form online.

4.   When sending via post please send to:  FTTJ 51 High Lane East, West Hallam, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 6HW


If you cannot open the PDF format please include the following information with your parcel:

Name, Email, Address to post to, wrist size if known, special instructions ie name on tag, colour choices. If you would like hair or ashes to be returned.



Prepping Hair

Hair Preparation

Cutting Horse Hair

Cutting horses’ hair is straight forward, painless and undetectable.

1) All horse hair must come from the tail (unless otherwise stated) and washed before sending.

2) Go to the bottom of your horses dock (tail bone) and then to the back

3) comb through the hair again

4) take cuttings close to the bone from several places with scissors and  be careful not to pull the hair

5)Take a pencils width or more (if unsure more is always better)

6) Once you have gathered your hair secure the top end with a rubber or plaiting band.


Washing Hair

** Please ensure that the hair is washed thoroughly before sending unless paying for the wash service **

You can wash your horses tail first before cutting if warm enough or possible and brush through thoroughly

If washing afterwards

Rinse hair to rid of surface dirt and bits and wash twice in a mild shampoo with a final rinse and lay on a towel or paper towel to dry. Do not use conditioner and make sure the hair is thoroughly dry before posting. Place dry hair in a bag with your completed order form

Do not plait or coil your horse hair tightly.



Please put enough stamps on the envelope when you post your horse hair.  The Post Office will refuse to deliver an underpaid package, and will charge an additional administration fee for each underpaid item in addition to the underpayment amount.  Unfortunately we cannot collect these packages and the Post Office does not inform us from whom the underpaid package was sent.

 ** If in doubt have the post office weigh the package.  (They will happily do this free of charge.)

6. *When supplying your wrist size  please send a tight measurement. Unless specified approx 3cm is added to the length for fit. This depends on whether beads or charms are added also. 

Hair Lengths, Fur and Ashes amounts

Hair Lengths

Bracelets (Simple or Plain Braid) should be 18″ long, and the width of a pencil.

Country or Square Braid should be 18-20″ long and 1 ½ times a pencil thickness.

Multi Braid should be 20″ long or longer 1 ½ times a pencil thickness.

On necklaces where hair is used as a chain, the hair should be 25″ (or longer) and as thick as 2 pencils.

For resin products any amount can be used.  For a loop of hair I need hair which is as thick as a pencil and at least 5″ in length.

For pet fur cuttings any amount of hair can be used - However please be aware shorter fur lengths will not be looped but scattered into the resin.

Its best to double wrap your ashes using a ziplock bag or sealed plastic bag when sending and put inside a bubble bag for safety.

Most items require no more than 4 teaspoons of ashes.

Order Form
Bracelet braid ordered

Thanks for submitting! Please remember to include your email address and order number in with your parcel.

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