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Customer Spotlight 2

This week we are meeting Kacie, a former FTTJ customer who kindly agreed to share her story with us.

I decided to purchase my keepsakes and jewellery so I could have a wee bit of Bond with me all the time, and I have the rainbow picture hung in my living room and it just makes me smile, reminding me of him. I’m sure he’s watching over me from the bridge

I struggled when I lost Bond, as well all do. He was part of the family, my best mate and so much more than that. I have quite severe mobility issues and though he was sharp and quirky, he always knew when I was having a bad day and looked after me. So having these little reminders of him that I can see everyday means the absolute world to me, and gave me a bit of peace after he’d gone.

I have the hair of my big ginger dafty in all these keepsakes. He was called Bond and was the most loving horse I could ever have wished for

There are so many stories I could share from my time with Bond.. ending with the last ever dressage test we did together and he dumped me unceremoniously on my backside 😂

I first met him in 2005, when he arrived from Belgium to the yard where I kept my pony. I worked at the yard the following summer and he was on box rest so we spent a lot of time together. I finally got to ride him in 2007 when my pony had laminitis. We had all sorts of fun! He was then sold on to a jumping home which was what he loved to do the most. Then in 2013 I got a phone call ‘Bond’s for sale’. And the rest, as they say, is history. The fates aligned and we spent the next 8 years together. I lost a lot of my mobility over that time with a degenerative condition in my leg. He was so good with me, especially on the ground and I’m sure he often knew I was struggling before I did! He always knew how to cheer me up on hard days too. There’ll certainly never be another Bond ❤️

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