This flat backed heart is the same shape as our medium keepsake heart but sitting approx 70mm in size. With a flat unfinished back this is great for a keepsake ornament . Mix and max shapes and sizes.

Add forget me nots ,sivler or gold leaf, or any colour  glitter or keep clear.
Ideal for mane, tail, fur or ashes

3-4 teaspoon of ashes

4" or longer mane or tail width of a pencil

3 pinches of fur.



Please note the hair fur or ashes will be laid out in the best way to create a suitable design, all resin items will look different, the products you see are examples using other customers personal hair, fur or ashes so yours may not look exactly the same. Hair type, coarsness, the way resin moves when setting can all affect how your finished design will look.

Large Keepsake Heart